MMA Fighting to the Death?

Over the past few years, mixed martial art fighting has risen to a level where it is able to compete with professional boxing as the world’s most popular contact sport. With the UFC currently ranked as the top MMA organization in the world, this chilling challenge has been issued by Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kadyrov is the current President of Chechnya. He is also the head of a MMA fight league that he calls “Akhmat MMA.” Claiming that his group’s fighters are among the most dangerous in the world, he has called upon Dana White and the UFC to accept the challenge to put forth a series of matches where the participant would fight to the death.

In an interview granted to Bryant Gumbel of HBO’s Real Sports cable show, Kadyrove stated, “We propose that UFC and Akhmat face off in a tournament, and we’ll see who has the strongest fighters. I think it would be quite a spectacle. They would fight to the end. A fight to the death.”

He makes his assertion based on the fact the men in his country have been facing war and death for decades, as a result of the wars that have taken place on Chechnya soil. He believes these experiences have instilled a great drive for survival in all his people.

While the challenge is bizarre and would certainly never be sanctioned anywhere on the planet, the mere notion an event like this could even take place is frightening. Due to the brutality of the sport, MMA fighting is under constant scrutiny from human rights groups all over the world.

The thought that grown men would be willing to step in the octagon for a fight to the death would serve to do nothing more than return us all to the days of the gladiators of Rome.