Google to Battle Extremism

In recent years, there has been a widespread call on Google and Facebook to do more about curtailing extremism and hate speech on its sites. Recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his company would commit more resources to monitoring and removing videos and content that espoused the virtues of hatred.

Now it looks like it’s Google’s turn to step in and try to combat the problem. According to a recent blog post by a Google representative:

“While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done.”

In addition to the intention to take the needed measures, Google, Twitter and Facebook recently agreed to take part in a international forum designed to create ways to support individuals and small business operations that are having issues with terrorism. In fact, Google announced they would step up these very effort in response to the recent concert bombing in England.

As part of its proposed actions, Google will be closely monitoring videos, immediately addressing those that violate Google’s current user policies. As part of these actions, the company will monitor the posting of videos like those that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. Even if the content barely stays within guidelines, the poster will be required to also post the appropriate disclaimers and warnings

All of this is good news for an organization like the Anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center. For years now, this organization has been very critical of social media outlets for not doing enough to control content.

While some people may see these actions as an attempt to squelch freedom of speech, support for the targeting of terrorism content appears to be widening throughout the world. The groups against these actions tend to be the problem children.