Revenge in the Jungles of Africa

For years, Scott Van Zyl made his living as a hunter and tour guide in the jungles of Zimbabwe, Africa. In fact, Zyl was known to organize hunting tours for rich clients. For the price of $9,000 USD, he would bring customers to his own hunting lands that bordered natural preserves. For a week or more, the customers would get the opportunity to hunt and kill lions, zebras and leopards. For a higher fee, elephants and giraffes might be included.

Zyl was the owner/operator of a company called SS Pro Safaris. His tour and services were advertised over the Internet, targeting wealthy business men who were looking for a unique adventure. The company’s online motto or catch phrase was, “Stop whining, go hunting.” On the website, one would find numerous pictures of former customers standing proudly with their trophies.

As they say, “live by the sword, die by the sword.” In a recent outing, Zyl, a hunting companion and Zyl’s hunting dogs were trolling through the jungle. According to the friend, the two men decided to split up and go different directions, agreeing to meet back at the camp site at a later time.

While awaiting Zyl’s return, the companion was greeted by the dogs that had gone off with Zyl. Immediately, the companion knew something wasn’t right. It was rare to see the man without his dogs by his side. From here, the story gets a little murky.

After reporting the incident to the authorities, a search party went to hunt for the hunter. His backpack was found abandoned along a river bank infested with Nile crocodiles. Fearing the worst, permission was granted to start killing crocs. After killing a few and having a look inside, human remains were found inside one very large beast. DNA tests later confirmed the remains were those of Zyl. Nature had its revenge.