CEO Magazine’s 2017 MBA School Rankings Out

Earning an MBA is possible through a multitude of different colleges and universities across the world. In some instances, the reputation of the institution providing the opportunity doesn’t quite live up to the image of competing educational outlets.

Separating the very best MBA programs from those that may not be capable of achieving the same level of excellence can sometimes be a difficult task. Beginning in 2012, CEO Magazine took the initiative to rank the very best schools as part of its Global MBA Rankings, with the 2017 edition of schools announced early April.

The scope of the rankings considers 160 different schools that offer an MBA program, ranging from those in Europe and the United States to ones in New Zealand and Australia. Also in this mix are those based in the emerging economies known as BRICS nations, which serve as an acronym for the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

In order to properly gauge each school, different aspects are considered that include facets outside of classroom concerns. This means that demographic concerns such as gender breakdown and the overall diversity from an international perspective are part of the overall equation that also includes the learning environment, class size and faculty-to-student ratio, the qualifications of those instructions and a variety of other components.

In the area of European MBA schools, the EU Business School matched its Tier One ranking from last year and also maintained Tier One status in the area of the rankings of Global Executive MBA schools. In the latter category, EU Business School managed to improve its ranking to finish third among those 160 schools, trailing only the University of Ottawa and Ponts-Fox.

With online education have become integral to attaining an MBA for some busy individuals, determining the very best in this area becomes increasingly important. Here, the EU Business School ranked at the top for the third consecutive year, ranking higher than its closest competitors, the SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland and the IE Business School, based in Spain.

The prestige that comes from such acknowledgements stems from the fact that CEO Magazine has a unique vantage point to determine which schools are doing things right and which ones are still trying to find their way. Their ability to focus in on the pertinent aspects of an MBA program help make choosing a school that much easier.