U.S. Immigration Problem Crosses the Canadian Border

Under the direction of newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump, ICE has begun the process of tracking down problematic illegal immigrants for deportation. Even though President Trump warned of such operations while on the campaign trail, it would appear that reality has set in among illegals who weren’t sure what was going to happen once Trump took office.

Amid reports of ICE arresting and setting up deportation hearings for hundreds of illegal immigrants all across the country, a large number of said people are electing to illegally immigrate to Canada instead of facing the prospects of being sent back to their own countries.

The choice would seem to be quite clear. These people would rather face being arrested by Canada’s border protection personnel instead of being arrested by ICE and sent immediately back to their counties of origin. By staying in Canada, they are hoping to get the opportunity to stay in Canada long enough to find a way to return to the U.S. by legal means.

While most anti-illegal immigration advocates should be satisfied to have the illegal immigrants out of the U.S., it figures to put a burden on the government of Canada. Based on Canadian law, people that have applied for asylum in the U.S. are not eligible to cross and ask for asylum to the north of the border. However, they can ask for asylum if they can get across the border by illegal means.

Due to the harsh weather conditions being encountered by these people who are used to more moderate conditions, the Canadian Mounted Police have ramped up surveillance along the border for both legal and humanitarian reasons. The good news is these illegal immigrants are likely to encounter a much more immigration friendly environment from a country that refers to it’s more than 300,000 annual immigrants as the “new canadians.”