Chancellor Merkel to Seek Fourth Term

At a time when the world is seeking stability from somewhere, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is about to offer up that stability. She is now expected to announce that she will seek a fourth term as German’s Head of State. Prior to the announcement scheduled for November 20, she indicated she was moving forward at a meeting of her conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) party.

If she were to win the election, as most experts believe she will, she will tie the post-war record set by her mentor and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl for the longest time serving the German people in the position. The CDU was delighted with the news, considering there was not a clear cut candidate to represent the party had she decided to step down.

After England’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) earlier this year, followed by the surprising election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Germany stands as the last bastion of hope for stability in the world.

According to CDU deputy leader Julia Kloeckner, Merkel represents “stability and reliability in turbulent times because she holds society together and stands up to over-simplification.” Later, Kloeckner added, “She stands for moderation and centrism instead of cheap headlines.”

In order to earn her fourth term, Merkel will have to deal with support issues related to her decision to allow more than 1,000,000 asylum seekers into the country on the heels of issues related to the Middle East. Of course, what she lost in support from her own party might be recaptured from the liberal left that supported her decision.

With U.S. President Barack Obama wrapping up his days in office, along with the recent political shakeup in the U.K., Merkel’s popularity in the world is likely to see a surge in the face of continuing problems in Syria and with Russian aggression.