Is the New York AG’s Office Politicized?

Apparently, the New York state Attorney General has forgotten the meaning of hypocrisy and fair-play. Just days after the office of Hew York Attorney General, Democrat Eric Schneiderman issued a cease and desist letter to the Trump Foundation to stop fundraising in the state until proper forms are submitted, the New York Post reported that the Clinton Foundation had failed to file its funding reports for the years 2010-2014.

Although the Clinton Foundation was in direct violation of state laws related to filings for its organization, the AG gave them a pass. Furthermore, the Foundation erroneously reported not receiving any government grants during the time period of 2005-2007. In fact, it received millions upon millions in pledges and donations from the governments of countries like Ireland and Norway during that time.

Not only did Schneiderman rule that the Clintons were in compliance with the law by answering “no” on the required forms, but then he turned right around and had a spokesman, Eric Soufer, tell the press, “Our office will issue additional guidance for all non-profits regarding disclosures of domestic and foreign government funding in the future.”

Now why would his office need to address the issue if the Clinton Foundation had acted appropriately?

The reality is the AG may have been going out of his way to create issues for Trump and his campaign. These are the kinds of issues Americans are having problems with as it pertains to government agencies becoming politicized. Elected officials are expected to follow the rules and enforce the laws of the land in a fair and equitable manner.

The Clinton Foundation has exhibited a long history of being sloppy with its paperwork on a consistent basis. The only time the organization complies with the law is after its officials get caught doing things the wrong way or intentionally ignoring the law. Yet, no one is held accountable.