Pokemon Go Does Nintendo and Niantic Proud

It’s official. The world is in love with Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game from game developer Niantic. As much as users are enjoying the game, it would appear that Nintendo investors might have the most to be excited about. Why? From a June 28th low of $125.86 per share, Nintendo’s stock has soared by over $139 a share to a 52-week high of $265.52. That’s an amazing increase of 111% in less than a month.

It’s clear that the company’s stock got its boost from Pokemon Go’s popularity since the jump in price coincides perfectly with the release of the game. In the eyes of many investors, it’s this popularity that bodes well for Nintendo’s future as the company begins its move into the mobile gaming arena. With a library of classic games that are well over 25-years old, there’s a good chance Nintendo will reach deep into that library and develop some mobile-based video games with some real heritage.

What remains to be seen on behalf of Niantic and Nintendo is just how far the Pokemon Go phenomenon is going to go. To date, the game has already been made available in many major markets, but there is still plenty of meat left on the bone with many some major markets, such as the Philippines and parts of South America, awaiting its release.

Pokemon Go has certainly struck a cord with video game enthusiasts. Through the use of GPS technology, mobile device users are given the opportunity to go out into the neighborhood, or the real world as Niantic describes it, to capture Pokemon characters that are native to the user’s location. Along the way, players must complete certain tasks in order to obtain the tools necessary to capture characters when the opportunity arises. Within three weeks of the game’s release, Niantic reported over 30,000,000 downloads.