Israel Calls Out Facebook’s Zuckerberg for Providing Terrorists With a Social Platform

For years now, officials in the Israeli government have been trying to pressure the management of companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to spend more time and resources monitoring terrorists activity and removing dialog that encourages terrorist attacks against peaceful nations and its citizens from its social media sites.

This past weekend, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Minister of Internal Security, made the harshest claims to date when he accused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “sabotaging” the police work of the officers in his country by giving terrorists a wide-open platform for the incitement of terrorism in his country and around the world.

In an interview with an Israeli news channel, Erdan said, “Facebook today, it should be known, sabotages the work of the Israeli police, because when the Israeli police approaches them, and it is regarding a resident of Judea and Samaria, Facebook does not cooperate.” He later added, “It also sets a very high bar for removing inciteful content and posts.”

All of this concern comes because tensions have been running high as blood shed between Israeli forces and Palestinians has been on the rise since October of 2015. Since that time, at least 207 Palestinian people have been killed, most of them involved in attacks on Israeli citizens and/or soldiers and police, of which at least 34 have been killed.

While Palestinian officials are looking to blame the recent surge in violence on the breakdown of the peace talks in 2014, Erdan refuses to back down from his position that Palestinians and ISIS are getting their queues from social media, which has allowed for more coordination of terrorist activities.

For his part, Erdan has asked all Israeli citizens “to flood him (Zuckerberg) in every possible place with the demand to monitor the platform he established and from which he earns billions”.