North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to Resurrect Use of “Pleasure Squad”

Ever since the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has been creating a myriad of issues throughout the world, especially for neighbouring South Korea and the United States. At issue is the leader’s record on human rights and his constant treats related to use of nuclear weapons.

Considering the seriousness of his threats and constant testing of missiles in the region, North Korea’s enemies may finally have hope that the erratic leader has found a solution to his high-strung nature. It turns out that Kim Jong-un has reportedly instructed his staff to start assembling a new “pleasure group.”

For decades now, North Korean leaders, including Jong-Il, were known to have maintained a stable of teenage girls who were required, often by force, to serve the leaders every whim. Due to what many perceived was an issue of secrecy and trust, Jong-un ceased this practice due in large part to his inability to trust anyone around him.

As it turns out, the man must be feeling the pressure given as he reportedly decided to resurrect the practice of forcing young girls into certain forms of slavery that include some forms of a sexual nature.

These groups are known as Gippeumjo, or “pleasure squads.” The groups are made of teenage girls, some reportedly as young as 13-14 years old. The families of these girls are reportedly paid a sum of money as their daughters are removed from the household.

Prior to acceptance in the group, these girls are allegedly forced to sign a confidentiality agreement and submit to a physical examination to confirm their status as a virgin. Any violation of the confidentiality agreement would most likely be punishable by death.

As distasteful as this practice may seem to civilized nations, it would be reasonable to assume that some people living in other countries might be hopeful that his pleasure group will do enough to keep the leader distracted from his tyranny. The residents of North Korea can only hope that’s the case.