Consider This… American Flags Planted on the Moon Have Faded to White

In the 1960s and 70s, the US Apollo space program was going full throttle. As each Apollo mission made its way to the moon, a certain symbol was left on the surface for prosperity. For anyone wondering what that symbol might have been, the answer is an American Flag.

It’s been over forty years since an Apollo mission has been flown. During that time, lunar scientists have been able to confirm that all six flags that were reportedly planted on the moon’s surface are still standing. However, they also report it is highly unlikely that the flags would be recognizable as American flags.

Any American who has ever flown an American flag outside their home surely knows that over time, the colours will start to fade due to the UV radiation put off by the sun. This fading occurs in spite of the fact the earth has an atmosphere that contains filters, which protect the earth’s surface and certain life forms from said UV radiation.

Now consider this…The moon has no atmosphere, hence no built-in filtering system. Every 28 days, the moon’s surface alternates between 14 days of exposure to extreme sunlight and temperatures of 100° C with 14 days of complete darkness and temperatures of -150° C. Based on what scientists already know about how flags react to intermittent sunlight, it is easy for them to surmise that the flags currently planted on the moon have most likely faded to complete white.

Before anyone gets overly concerned about the wasting of taxpayer’s money on these flags, which were made by Annin Flagmakers, they only cost taxpayers a little under $6.00 a piece. The real irony comes from the realization that not only has the Apollo space program faded from the memories of Americans, but the last symbols of prosperity have also been faded out by the sun.