US Women Required to Register for Military Service Draft?

One of the few domains that women in the US have been unable to achieve equality is with the US military. As hard as they have tried through the years, there has been a reluctance to use them in full military front-line operations. Well, all of that is about to change, and for some women, this might be an equality issue they wish would have been left on the back burner.

In a recent hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, lawmakers and military Generals had discussions about the use of women in the field. With at least the Marine Corps, there has always been a reluctance to place women in the infantry and special operations squads. Based on a directive from Defense Secretary Ash Carter, all military jobs are to be opened to women with equal access and pay to be included.

As part of the directive, it was also stated that qualification standards not be lowered for women to promote inclusion. This is important because the Marine Corps leaders have often cited issues with women marching long distances with heavy supply loads as a reason why some infantry jobs should be available to males only.

Given job equality standards had now been established, the draft selection issue came to the forefront. All of a sudden, women who are not interested in the military got thrown into the fray. Common sense would dictate this is only fair, but it becomes a more controversial issue because many women can’t meet physical build standards currently being used.

While the topic was tabled pending further discussions, Army Gen. Mark Milley and Marine Gen. Robert Neller stated their support requiring all women who hit 18-years of age being required to register for selective service just like their males counter parts. Meanwhile, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Army Acting Secretary Patrick Murphy were adamant the topic needed further investigation.