Texas Tornadoes: Eight Killed in Dallas Suburbs

Eight people are said to have died in Texas after the recent tornadoes strike, bringing the death toll to 26 after a week of storms in several states.

Five people were blown off a motorway while driving in Garland, near Dallas, and three more bodies were found in the nearby town after the tornadoes.

Reports say that the trees were toppled, cars mangled and churches destroyed over a large area by storms across the South, which are unusually powerful during winter.

Police in Garland believe that the winds of a tornado that passed through caused several car accidents in the area, killing five people. The cars were tossed around and later found about 15 miles from Dallas, below Interstate 30. The police are making efforts to figure out whether there were any more casualties at the crash site. Police spokesperson Mike Hatfield said that they were having trouble finding any victims because they are engulfed in Darkness. “All the highway lights and street lights are out,” he said.

According to local media, one person was found dead in Blue Ridge, and two more were killed at a petrol station in Copeville.

The storms have brought down several power lines, and there are reports of several burst gas lines.

These deaths come as the south-central region of the US is struck by severe weather conditions.

• Six people have died in Tennessee and 10 in Mississippi in the last 24 hours

  • One fatality has been reported in Alabama and Arkansas, respectively.
  • 56 people injured and over 400 homes damaged in Mississippi after 20 tornadoes struck.

Although the extreme weather is common before Christmas in the US, meteorologists attribute the severity of the storms to unseasonably high temperatures in some regions.

Officials have also warned that Texas and Oklahoma could suffer a massive blizzard, covering them in up to 16 inches of snow.