Sepp Blatter Defiant Over FIFA BAN

FIFA’s Ethics Committee ruled on Monday, December 21, 2015, that both FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and Platini, his UEFA counterpart, had broken FIFA code of ethics relating to conflict of interest, breach of loyalty and gifts.

The chamber of the Ethics Committee chaired by Mr. Hans-Joachim Ecket has banned Blatter and Michael Platini from all football-related activities on an international or national level for eight years.

“The ruling comes into force with immediate effect,” the statement read.

As a result, Blatter came out fighting.

“I am sorry for me for, how I’m tainted in this world of humanitarian qualities. I am sorry that I am still a punching ball,” Blatter said at a press conference at FIFA’S former headquarters in Sonnenberg, Zurich.

“Even if I am suspended, I’m still the president of FIFA. I do not regret. If you go in depth of how this is presented, you will be there to condemn this FIFA president at the very beginning.”

“I will always repeat that. I am a man of principles. These principles are never taking the money you have never earned and pay your debts.”

Blatter also asserted that FIFA’s Ethics Committee is not justified to go against him and maintained that he will be appealing the ban.

“Once again we will go to the appeal board.” He said. “I’m a Swiss. In the Swiss law, you would not be suspended for eight years. You will have to do something very, very serious.”

“I am not fighting for myself but as the elected president of FIFA… And they have cut me off.” Blatter added.

Platini is yet to respond to the ban, but UEFA issued a statement backing its president.

“UEFA is extremely disappointed with this decision, which nevertheless is subject to appeal and due process will be followed to clear Platini’s name,” the statement reads.