One promising and cleverly named startup


Here is a very innovative project, which deserves a review and a quick definition check up: Rosti? Yes, Rösti, or Röschti, we are talking about that swiss potato dish you love!

Rostigraben? Yes, Röstigraben, or Röschtigraben, is an idiomatic expression from the Swiss-German language which designates the differences in mentality and the political cleavage between the French-speaking part and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It literally translates into “rösti barrier”.

The team behind claims that Switzerland carries a pool of dynamic, creative, talented, passionate and highly educated citizens, who seem to lack of a strong national and international visibility. They aim at providing these people with a space for showcasing their accomplishments in 4 languages, wittily uniting them under the very symbol of their differences: the rostigraben! (note the simplified spelling)

The platform seems to be on its way to becoming a tool for archiving Switzerland’s big milestones and achievements, its traditions, its heritage throughout story-telling the life of anyone contributing to the positive Swiss dynamic. By showcasing the best of what’s ‘Made in Switzerland’, the online hub contributes to enhance the country’s image and exposure to the rest of the world, suggesting a strong, clear identity for the community to relate to.

They are making the swiss feel proud and united, by innovation and positive thinking, rather than money and politics.

Well played, on this bold bet!