Japan Earthquake on May 30

No Tsunami Alert Issue but Still Frightening

Once again, Japan experienced yet another powerful earthquake. The mother earth shook Japan on last Saturday night, May 30, at round 20:30 local time (11:30 GMT). As reported by the US Geological Survey, the earthquake was the magnitude of 7.8 one, and it was centered at depth 678 km, 874 km off of the Japanese capital. The buildings were shaken up for about a minute, and the people were shaken up more than that.

Another earthquake took place on the very next morning, Sunday, May 31, with the scale of 6.4 magnitude. The latest quake was centered at 630 km off southeast of Tokyo, and at depth of 13 km. It was reported that the Sunday’s quake was a separate seismic event from the previous night’s. It was considered as not the aftershock from the Saturday’s quake. The undersea earthquakes were not strong enough to trigger a tsunami, and they were not close enough to the islands to result in any serious damage.

Even though there was no a tsunami alerst issued, the effects of the earthquakes were felt in most Japan. From the southern islands of Okinawa to the northern ones of Hokkaido, the buildings across Japan nation were swayed. There were power outages in several places, especially in Tokyo and Osaka. With the power cuts, the train services were absolutely out of order. In Saitama perfecture, hundreds of houses were without power.

Although Japan’s expected to experience many earthquakes, the people wouldn’t ever get used to it. Most people said that it was frightening, although they were relieved there was no chance of tsunami. According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, at least 12 people were injured from the earthquakes. It’s natural that the Japanese people were affected deeply, since the tragedy of the 2011 earthquake’s still fresh on their minds.