France : Citizens against « les Républicains »

Last Friday, a court procedure against the name that Nicolas Sarkozy wants to give to his party will be held in appeal.

The ex-President wants to rename his party (the UMP) « les Républicains ». This initiative falls far from pleasing other parties and individuals with a similar family name.

They submitted an application for interim measures hoping to prevent a vote scheduled for May 28th and 29th by UMP party members.

The court assignation is issued in the name of the National Federation of republican socialists elected representatives.

Most complaints came from the left wing but not all of them for example, a lawyer Christophe Léguevaques who gathered 21’000 signatures against this name, claims it is not part of a dichotomous political fight opposing left and right.  He wants to protect the people’s right to define themselves as republicans without being associated to a specific party.

On the other hand, Didier Aubert from the communication agency working with the UMP, stated that only a logo can be protected, a word cannot be protected and no one can ban people from using it.

From an outsider perspective, it seems that both sides are trying to draw media attention and it seems, that the UMP is uniting the whole of France… against them.