EU Business School teams up with Pace University

While graduation season is in full swing, EU Business School, an international academic institution with multiple campuses across Europe, is setting up a strategic partnership with New York-based Pace University. As explained during official information sessions, the two business-focused schools have devised a joint program that will allow EU Business School students to graduate with two distinct Bachelor’s degrees, offering them a very interesting edge in the job market, as they would have acquired US and EU-specific knowledge, as well as constituted exploitable networks on both sides of the Atlantic.

In February, Pace University’s Center for Global Business Programs Director visited the Barcelona Campus of EU Business School to inaugurate the partnership, present Pace University to students and faculty members, and to officially welcome EU Business School on behalf of his Manhattan campus.

The plan is to allow EU Business School students to complete five semesters at any of the EU campuses, after which they would complete two additional semesters at any of Pace University’s three campuses (one in Manhattan, and two in Westchester). This will then allow them to graduate from both institutions simultaneously while having acquired a transatlantic experience. This is very much in line with the stated global learning paradigm which has been driving EU Business School for many years.Pace University One of the key selling points of Pace University, apart from its academic program, is its excellent all-round comprehension of the business world. It organizes major job and internship fairs, which attract key international business and governmental organizations such as IBM, Warner Music Group or even the FBI. It also houses numerous social and athletic clubs, and more career-focused groups such as the Marketing Association and the Economics Society, that allow students to explore different facets of the American culture.

Both schools should benefit from a better exposure on continents that represent valuable potential for expansion, allowing them to grow their respective brands and broaden their scope of academic diversity.