Yemen: Fighting continues as humanitarian aid makes its way

While the ICRC hurries to make its way to conflict-stricken areas of the country, the World Health Organization announced early on Tuesday April 7 that fighting had already cost more than 500 lives and wounded nearly 2’000 more. With this tragic news, the international community sands helpless in the face of the violence, acknowledging the fact that there are no signs of things improving anytime soon.

So far, as reported by UNICEF, the conflict opposing the Shia, Teheran-backed rebels to the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has killed 74 children and displaced more than 100’000 people.

The lack of potable water and the very austere living conditions of some of the victims suggests great potential for a full-blown humanitarian crisis much like the one currently taking place in Syria is not fighting does not stop soon.

As the ICRC deploys into the conflict zone, additional concern will arise about the aid workers’ safety. It has been reported that humanitarian convoys suffer from increasing attacks all around the world, especially in the recent Middle Eastern conflicts.

Emergency aid will primarily focus on first necessities such as water and medical supplies.