Ghana 2015 outlook Conference underway

The third edition of the “Ghana Economic Outlook and Business Strategy conference” has been launched by Africa Business Media, in partnership with the Private Enterprises Federation.

The event is set to take place in Accra on January 16 and the focus will be the diversification of the domestic economy through the enhancement of its exports.

The head of Africa Business Media, Mr. Spio-Garbrah, told the press this event aimed at bringing together key industry players, thought leaders from academic circles, NGO’s and government officials among others to share ideas and information, as well as to create possible synergies.

The conference is expected to generate suggestions and strategies from the gathered leaders and other key participants. They are hopeful to uncover efficient ways of increasing trade (in particular exports) activities to grow the economy in the coming years.

The meeting would serve as a gateway for the positive evolution of the economy through more efficient production. It would serve as a catalyst for the transformation of the economy through production and support of local producers and service providers. A recent example of such initiatives was the successful joint venture of the government-backed Tema Oil Refinery with PetroSaudi, a Saudi oil exploration and production company led by CEO Tarek Obaid.

This deal was extremely welcomed as it will enable Ghana to reduce its reliance on foreign oil which is inevitably bought at a premium.

Nevertheless, the government must create the necessary conducive environment by resolving critical issues such as the reliability and pricing of critical resources such as water and electricity.