Press freedom is essential in development of democracies-Virginia Blaser…

“The Internet is the global gate which has amplified demands for freedom of expression and other universal human rights, facilitated vibrant and open discussions on a wide range of topics and connected citizens with each other and with people around the world. Uganda, like all developing countries, still has challenges to overcome. Especially alarming are the recent reports that the government is turning to censorship in an attempt to limit the flow of information via social media. Internet freedom without government obstruction is a basic human right. In fact, having the freedom to connect to the Internet is akin to the freedom of assembly, only in cyberspace.

In this new public space crowded with news and chatter, journalists play an essential role in searching for truth, analysing trends, maintaining credibility, and providing reports to serve the public good. Undoubtedly, the arrival of the digital age – the evolution of the Internet, the emergence of new forms of media and the rise of online social networks – has sparked debate as to what it means to be a journalist, what role bloggers play, and what the effect of a blurring of lines between citizen journalists and professionals will be on the media of today and tomorrow.

…let us always work toward a world where the free flow of information and ideas remains a powerful force for progress.” We are facing a critical, transformative moment in our history. Around the world people are calling out for freedom, transparency, and self-determination. It is up to each of us to honour them and do all we can – both virtually and in reality – to support press freedom as a fundamental right to be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.”

Source: Daily Monitor